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Hi! I am Andree Edwards Stofik. I offer cleaning services in Brooklyn. Alrae Cleaning Multipurpose Services LLC, as a firm, offers residential and office cleaning services. We have been serving the business for the last ten years to meet your needs. We serve through
contract cleaning and one-time cleaning as per your needs.

A clean and neat atmosphere pleases everyone. Whether it is your home or office, keep it clean with Alrae Cleaning. Buzz us for janitorial services.
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We are the experts in Home Cleaning. Connect with us to ensure a neat and clean Home –
Sweet Home.

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Office Cleaning needs expertise. Hire us to get every nick and corner clean and contamination-free zone.
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We understand what your furniture needs. We cater to specific furniture cleaning needs with our premium quality cleaning services.

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Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning needs specific dusting and cleaning skills. We ensure you get the optimal
deep cleaning services in Brooklyn

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When I was a young girl, I always helped my parents with household cleaning. I love decorating, cleaning, and having things neat and in-place. I decided to further turn my passion into a business opportunity and take it up professionally.

A few years ago, I started my business after losing my job. So far, I have many clients who trust and rely on my work. Let my team and I do all the cleaning for you so that you can focus on more important things and enjoy a clean sparkling home.
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Alrae Cleaning Services clean with the use of modern technology. It helps and maintains a clean and disinfectant ambience. Alrae makes sure to make a contamination-free zone.
It varies on the footfall and other parameters, yet, every office deserves one deep cleaning every six months to once every year. Offices with more number of people and visitors need more frequent cleaning services.
Cleaning Services offers your customers, employees and clients a healthy work environment with the least chances of pathogenic infections.
Just a phone call, and we are there. Call us at (347) 790-1664 and (347) 984- 4732 or send an email to [email protected].
Deep clean is recommended to first time users. Routine cleaning services are okay for regular customers.